Plan for the Week

What do you think about me doing weekly posts with updates and my plan for the week? I’m thinking about it…mostly because I’m addicted to planning. The accountability helps, too. 😉

Friday tends to be the first day of the week for me, so these posts will likely show up on Fridays. I have class on Thursdays, so I usually spend Thursday afternoon relaxing from all of the preparation it took to get to Thursday. I use Friday as a day to look ahead and plan for the following Thursday’s class.

This week…I need to focus on really getting this content down. The tests have been more difficult this semester, and I need to figure out what I need to change in order to improve. I’m doing fine. I just know I could do better. Please leave your tips or encouragement in the comment section. 🙂

In other news, I received my nursing pin in the mail today. I purchased it on Etsy…you can find it here if you would like to purchase one for yourself!



  1. Take one Kaplan test (I’m trying to be better about answering NCLEX questions daily).
  2. Read pharmacology content for Thursday (we have a case study on infectious diseases).
  3. Clean the house (I had a test yesterday…’nuff said).


  1. Take one Kaplan test.
  2. Read about infection control precautions.
  3. Read about infectious diseases in the Med/Surg book.


  1. Create two tables. One for infectious diseases and one for medications to treat infectious diseases.
  2. Hang out with Mark & Kass!


  1. Complete case study for Thursday.
  2. Take one Kaplan test.


  1. Finish creating tables from Sunday.
  2. Review notes.


  1. Meet up with my study group to go over Thursday’s case study.
  2. Take a long nap. 🙂

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