Giveaway – Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Exam

Guess what?! My birthday was earlier this week, and I am celebrating by giving away a brand new copy of Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Exam! Are you excited? I wrote about how awesome this book is here.


How to enter:

1. In order for a chance to win, you MUST comment below with one piece of advice on how to study well, how to be a great nurse, or how to include relaxation in your day. This will get you one entry.

2. If you would like to earn more entries, you can do the following:

3. Once you have completed the above steps, you must fill out a very short form at If this form is not filled out, you will not be entered into the contest.

The contest is open until 9 PM on Sunday, March 22, and I will announce the winner on Monday, March 23!

This contest is only open to those who live in the United States or Canada (sorry to my followers around the world).


7 thoughts on “Giveaway – Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX Exam

  1. On my busy days as a CNA I use quick deep breathing exercises to relax in 30-60 sec windows when I feel myself tightening up from stress. When studying I step away from my books and use a short audio guided meditation to relax when I think I’ve had enough. The key ingredient for both is focusing on controlled breathing, once you learn the technique you do not need an hour of meditation, you can steal short moments to focus, breathe and relax.

    • Those are great ideas! I like your point about not needing a whole hour of meditation to relax…deep breathing can help you relax in a matter of minutes! Where did you find the guided meditation?

    • In order to finalize your entry, you will need to go to the Giveaway Tools website linked above. Please do this in the next couple of hours in order to officially be entered into the contest. Thanks

  2. My best advice for studying would be to rewrite your notes! My system is to record the lecture with my phone and then take notes off the recording. Then I rewrite all of the important parts (anywhere the teacher mentioned something being on the test) on a separate sheet of paper! Studies show that rewriting notes helps your to remember it better. Also it helps to have an NCLEX review book 😉

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